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It is a high pressure sodium lamp with a long life span and constant lighting for the duration of the product life. The Gavita Pro lamp is specially adapted to the needs of horticulture and has a higher lighting power which supplies more growth light.

You’ll get a pioneering PAR output of 1120 micromoles – for a 600W light that’s amazing!

As for the quality of light, you’ll get a wider light spectrum and accurate colour rendering – the 400V frequency sees to that.

To maximise light output further – lamps are made from an incredibly clear quartz glass.

Specification of Gavita PRO 600w | 400V Bulb
• 600W high frequency horticultural lamp
Up to 8% more grow light & up to 10% higher yields
• Life expectancy of 5,000 hrs
• Amazing light maintenance of 95% after a year
• Incredible PAR output: 1120 μmol
• Lumens: 85.000
• Quartz glass outer bulb for perfect photosensitive quality
• Use with high frequency, 400V electronic ballasts (GAVITA Pro series)
• E40 fitting


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