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  • Assembled size: 120 × 120 × 200 cm
  • Assembled size: 47″ x 47″ x 79″
  • Grow space: 1.44 m2
  • Tube A: + 100 mm (4″), 3 times
  • Tube B: + 160 mm (6.3″), 2 times
  • Tube C: + 200 mm (8″), 2 times
  • Tube D: + 250 mm (10″)
  • OmniFlow-Airvent: Ø 200 mm (8″), 2 times
  • Maximum capacity: 75 kg

The HOMEbox Evolution is HOMEbox’s new popular sized model series of premium black grow tents. Here at A-Grade, we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we sell and the services we offer. Because of this fact, we absolutely love the HOMEbox ranges. The sheer quality of the tent materials, the reinforced metal frames, hooks and connections make for a sturdy structure.

Our favourite part of the HOMEbox package is the fact they are exclusively designed, developed and created in Germany, ensuring the high standards that both HOMEbox and A-Grade Hydroponics adhere to.

Apart from their stunning aesthetics, black exterior with the black stitching is eye catching to say the least. The light-weight high quality zippers provide opaqueness without the hassle of cover-lids and Velcro fasteners. Also, the firm tent fabric material guarantees that no longer will you have to deal with those pesky light leaks.

Each of the ducting ports and viewing windows are protected with high quality insect screens which will provide excellent protection against pests.

The interior of the tent is coated with a thick, flexible and food-resistant polyethylene layer with PAR + ensuring that more light and less heat is reflected on to the plant resulting in higher yields and more uniform qualities.

HOMEbox and A-Grade are determined to bring the very best quality with minimal concerns. With this in mind, we stand behind our products with conviction and provide a two-year manufacturing guarantee – for your final piece of mind.


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