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‘Premium Flock’ is a 13.6kg already expanded bale of rockwool that will make up about 75 litres of medium.

It is not a ‘granulated’ rockwool as such but more of a ‘spun’ rockwool making its appearance and consistency more like ‘fairy floss’.

.Premium Floc needs to be flushed with pH adjusted water set at 5.5 prior to use. Once this is done allow the rockwool to dry out so it is moist rather than wet before transplanting seedlings.

The pH of the nutrient solution should also be 5.5 for best results.

Like all rockwool media, Premium Floc has a high water holding capacity so it does not need to be watered very often. Premium Floc is an inert, sterile medium well suited for horticultural use.


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