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Liquid Lead from Grow Australia is the original when it comes to gaining weight, size, flavour and aroma. Its brimming full of all natural compounds complexly formulated to allow your plant to achieve its full flowering potential. Years of dedicated research and development into floral organic stimulants have allowed the team at Grow Australia to produce what has now become the industry standard in organic flowering and fruiting boosters.

When looking for yield weight Liquid Lead stimulates the plant into the final flower production phase and with compounds extracted from plant tissue allowing the plant to hold addition weight when dry.

For aroma and flavour Liquid Lead is loaded with easily absorbed short and long chain naturally occurring carbohydrates and with fulvic acid to help absorption of macro and micro nutrients.

Liquid lead stimulates natural oil production leading to an increase in potency and flavour as well allowing maximum brix (sugar) levels to be achieved within the plant, Liquid Lead is the product to use for those growers wanting the very best results in their floral production.

For recommended use please see the Grow Australia feed chart located on the search bar of our website. Grow happy and Grow hard!


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