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Jupiter 2 advantage list

  • Reduce lamp to plant distance without burning tender growing tips of plants.
  • Reduce power costs
  • Increased penetration of high intensity light below plant canopy.
  • Increased yield due to increased budding sites .
  • Healthier even growth patterns > higher yielding plants.
  • Increased air flow due to movement of the lamps heat > decreased fungal growth.

The newly designed Jupiter2 light mover gives trouble free operation under the most extreme conditions. The Jupiter2 now incorporates a machine built variable time delay circuit board which is adjustable from 0.5 – 55 seconds. This allows for even plant growth across the whole garden. The motor traction speed has been set at the optimum level for excellent growth which is approximately 140 seconds per meter.
The motor and gearbox in the Jupiter2 have been recently been upgraded to an even heavier duty model that is now fully sealed from the environment within a galvanized rust proof chassis. The zinc plated drive wheel runs on a 1/2ins steel axle that is supported by an oil impregnated Shore-lube Brush which is the largest on the market today. The 0-60 second variable time delay PCB now incorporates an optical switching devise which has been chosen specifically for its reliability.
The Jupiter 2 range of light movers has been designed as a modular system.

Whichever system you begin with it will be possible to either add on or remove the pushrod assembly or crossbars to suit the size of your growing area without ever having to change the motor unit. MOTOR UNIT
The motor unit for all kits is identical and comes fitted with a variable delay timer adjustable from 0.5 – 60 seconds. The motor traction speed has been set at the optimal level for excellent growth which is approximately 140 seconds per meter.

The time delay option allows the light mover to pause at each end of the track for a desired length of time. This allows the plants at the ends of the garden time to absorb an even amount of light as the centre part of the garden, resulting in an even growth profile. Without the time pause at each end you may find that the centre growth becomes taller than the ends.


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