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Vermiculite has been used extensively in horticultural applications (but not limited to); hydroponics, seedling germination, soil conditioning, storing of bulbs/cuttings and potting mixes. Vermiculite is non-toxic and sterile, pH Neutral (7.0), it will not rot and it will not deteriorate as it is inorganic. Vermiculite is recognized as a medium with an excellent cation exchange rate of 90-125 milligrams equivalents per 100 grams, allowing the plant to have increased nutrients for healthier, stronger and rapid growth.  Vermiculite is also vermin proof, which will go on to prevent the loss of much needed nutrients of the plant.

Vermiculite promotes much faster root growth. When mixed with other mediums, Vermiculite allows young plants fast development and securing of their root systems. It allows their young rooting systems to attain air, moisture and nutrients much easier than compared to much more dense potting mixes or ground soils.


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